22.11.2018 Galerie am Roten Hof

Teona Mosia, Lubomir Gospodinov and Nikola Stanosevic

Live at: Galerie am Roten Hof | Piaristengasse 1/II, 1080 Wien/Vienna |
22.11.2018 at 19:30
Entrance: free
Nikola stanosevic, teona mosia lubomir gospodinov live

Georgian jazz singer Teona Mosia with Lubomir and Nikola is performing at the cosy gallery „am Roten Hof“ in Vienna at 22.11 at 19:30. Entrance is free.
Join us for a Jazz and Worldmusic experience with a singer Teona Mosia, pianist Nikola Stanosevic and Clarinet and Saxophone Lubomir Gospodinov.
Enrance is Free or freie spende!