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“Devet” (meaning “Nine”) . The duo was founded as a project of two musicians from Eastern Europe – Lubomir Gospodinov (Bugarian)and Nikola Stanosevic ( Serbian), both with extensive experience in classical, chamber and other types of music. Their aim is to experiment and combine jazz modus with techniques from traditional folklore in search of a novel expressive language. Duo “Devet”’s unique interpretive style, made up of wide range of motifs blended in artful jazz performance, brings about inimitable atmosphere charged with the lightful energy of virtuoso saxophone and the playful dynamics of the lyrical piano.

New Album DEVET EXTENDED published in 2024

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Lubomir Gospodinov


Lubomir Gospodinov was born  in Sofia, Bulgaria.
At the age of nine he began to play clarinet and later continued his studies in:
Music-Gymnasium “L.Pipkov”-Sofia – Prof.Sava Dimitrov
Musikakademie “P.Wladigerov”-Sofia – Clarinet Classic – Prof.Sava Dimitrov
Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Wien-Clarinet Classic – Prof. Peter Schmidl
Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Wien-Saxophon/Jazz – Prof.Martin Fuss

Lubomir Gospodinov concerted in USA, China, Caribbean, Turkey, Greece, Germany, Swiss, Croatia, Holland, Hungery, Bulgaria, Serbia, Czech Republic, Albania, Poland, Slovenia…..

He has collaborated with, among others , Philharmonic Orchestra ‘Pioner’ Sofia, Philharmonic Orchestra Sofia , Tony Lakatos, Martin Fuss, Jorge Pardo, Harri Stojka, Martin Lubenov,  Isaak Turienzo, Heinz von Herrmann, Errol Rackipov, Gyula Csepregi, Imre Köszegi, Berkes Balazs, Wiener Tschuschenkapelle, Dela Dap, Kapelush, Özlem Bulut Band, Grooveheadz, Orges&OkusRockusBand, Free Art Ensemble,  AcidJazzOrbits, Loucia Agapiou, Vienna Orient Project , Harry Lackits Big Band, Uni Big BandWien, TNO Big Band…….

Nikola Stanošević


nikola stanosevic jazz piano vienna wolrd

Nikola Stanosevic grew up in a musical family and music followed him from the earliest childhood, so it wasn`t a wonder that he started showing his musical interest and talent at an early age.At the age of 7 he started his formal musical education at a Lower Music Shool (piano). In 1995 he entered High Music Shool in Kragujevac (instrumentalist-piano), matriculating in 1999 with excellent grades and very good results in different competitions. At that time, besides classical music, he started showing great interest in jazz. In period between 2000 and 2004, during his studies at the Bruckner Konservatorium in Linz (Austria), making a great progress, Nikola started performing with different bands (jazz, pop, rock, classical music) and in various situations (concerts, theaters, musicals). 2010. he finished his Master`s studies at the Konservatorium Wien (Vienna) -Jazz Department and currently is active as a sideman in different formations. He performs at jazz clubs of Vienna and other places in Austria as well as throughout Europe (Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Ukraine, Portugal…), including appearances at festivals, clubs and theatres.